Over 35 years of experience

Cole Nelson Racing

Cole Nelson is an experienced go-kart racer witheverything you need to become the fastest karter you can be. Cole has been in the industry for over 25 years and uses all the tools necessary to evaluate a driver and tune the chassis to the best possible outcome. 

Arrive and Drive Program

No kart? CNR has one for you to rent! No experience? CNR will give you all the information you need to get fast in a kart. Reserve your spot for one race or for the entire season. Club, Regional, or National races are all available!

Invader Karts

CNR also builds American made Invader Karts. Cole’s grandfather started building Invader karts in 1974, and the Nelson family has fine tuned the chassis for the best performance. Check it out below to see what makes Invader the right choice for your kart.

CNR 2024 Racing Schedule

American Made

Invader karts have been made in the USA since 1974, and with several generations of experience and building, CNR knows a thing or two about these speed machines.


With the latest from AIM, CNR is able to efficiently get data from the session to evaluate the driver and chassis handling.

Chassis Tuning

CNR is experienced in all things kart, and can provide all the set-up and tuning of the kart to give you the fastest kart possible.

Championship mechanic

CNR has several championships under the tent. Mechanic and team drivers alike all have several championships from several series.

What makes CNR the right choice?

Cole Nelson has several national championships under his belt and has the experience and know how to both coach a driver to faster lap times and making the right changes to the go kart to get the best performance. 

CNR has all the equipment ready to go on race day. The arrive and drive program will bring the best racer out at the track. We promote good clean racing, and will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get to the front of the pack. 

If you just want to take some friends out on the track for an event, CNR can be there! Use the fleet of Invader karts to get your racing fix!

Cole Nelson Race Team

The CNR team is a great group of people. CNR promotes camaraderie, and encouragement with all the team drivers. The tent is filled with hard workers that are also having a good time. Our main goal is to facilitate a fun day or weekend of racing. Whatever level of racing you are currently at can be raised with CNR under a tent with many great people surrounding you. 

Race with the best today!