Cole Nelson has been in the karting industry as long as he can remember. His father and grandfather build Invader karts for over 30 years until they shut their doors in 2006. Cole has taken over and is building the legendary kart once more with upgraded parts and a renewed sense of drive.

His experience as a racer in many forms of the sport, club, regional, nation, and even some Skip Barber, has given him the experience and know how to coach other drivers in the sport. Any age and skill level can learn something from Cole Nelson.

There is no other person in the industry the knows a kart better than cole and the Invader kart. He knows all the features of the kart, and since he builds the chassis from the ground up he knows exactly what this kart is going to do.

Cole is a dedicated father and husband in Reno, NV. His family extends to those in karting and several of his customers are considered family. He is a family man and brings that to the team.

If you are just starting, or if you just need that extra tenth, Cole can help. Become a part of CNR today!