Arrive & Drive

For 2020 the arrive and drive program starts with the chassis. As the builder/manufacturer of the Invader chassis, Cole knows everything about this kart. The tuning and adjustments and fit are all part of the experience to give you the best racing experience. Here is what is included in an arrive and drive weekend:

  • A complete Invader kart with motor package included.
  • Assessment of sessions and comparison to the team and/or Cole using the on board computer (Mychron)
  • Recommendations of what to change on the go kart to improve performance of kart. 
  • Mechanic (Can provide your own for a reduced cost)
  • No hassle maintenance of kart. CNR will take care keep kart in good condition. 

Normal wear and tear is covered by CNR. Tires, and damage to kart from driver are not included. 

Discounts can be given for those that would like to sign up for an entire season of racing.  Local races, or regional races are all options! Please contact Cole to secure your seat!